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Public Sector

In these challenging times, countries, regions and communities, need to step-up in terms of positioning, image, offering and operational delivery in order to secure future prosperity.

Discover how Crossborder can help you on your path to success.

Building your FDI Strategy

A clear positioning as well as a robust narrative backed by a solid set of data and factual arguments will help your value proposition stand out of the crowd in a context of growing international competition for the attraction of inward investment projects. Crossborder Europe supports the development of your industrial FDI strategy:

Our expertise :

  • Audit and market research
  • International Benchmarking,
  • Recommendations

Business development and lead generation

The recent events that our economies had to face over the past decade, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, UK’s EU-Exit or the war in Ukraine, have revealed the weakness of western Europe’s industrial organisation with an increasing number of supply-chain issues, as well as frequent staff shortages across all business sectors. Crossborder Europe supports the public sector; regions and communities in the operational delivery of their FDI ambitions thanks to a 3-pillars methodology Our expertise:
  • Identification of supply-chain or expertise gaps
  • IDefinition of an international action plan
  • IDelivery of international lead generation campaigns

Export trade and international bilateral partnerships

The economic health of a region or a community can be measured by the degree of internationalisation of its companies. The exposure to the requirements of the international marketplace is a factor of increased productivity and helps driving a culture of innovation. Communities and regions have a role to play in the internationalisation of their economic ecosystem and of the companies that are part of it. With networks in more than 15 countries across Europe, Crossborder Europe can contribute to the internationalisation of your region or community and of your companies.

Our expertise :

  • Definition of your trade strategy: sub sector focus, target countries, etc…
  • Delivery of international trade missions
  • Organisation of bilateral partnerships